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BIOZOL Diagnostica is an independent distributor of life science products in Germany with a broad portfolio that spans a variety of suppliers across different areas of study. With a product portfolio of 6 million SKUs that includes antibodies, proteins, ELISAs, detection kits, biochemicals, small molecules, reagents and diagnostics kits, the Company is a single-source provider of research reagents, small molecules and other associated products that delivers quality products at competitive prices. 
Protein Ark offers a comprehensive range of sample preparation products, separation kits and custom services to help streamline and advance customer research from clone-to-protein and peptide-to-antibody. They serve customers in in a variety of end markets with sales across academia, biotechnology and pharmaceutical laboratories, as well as in-vitro diagnostics manufacturers. 
BioServUK Ltd is a CMO with expertise in upstream production and downstream processing of antibodies and other proteins from mammalian, bacterial and insect cell cultures. For over 20 years, BioServUK has developed an established client base for provision of quality antibody reagents to the life science research and IVD markets. All contract production is performed to ISO 9001 quality standard, comprising fully auditable SOPs and downstream production sheets for all aspects of the process.
With 35 years of continuous innovation, Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) is a trusted developer of software-based Unified Communications (UC) solutions for businesses of all sizes. Thousands of businesses worldwide rely on AVST to meet their “mission-critical” communications requirements, align their business with key trends and, with the world-class interoperability and delivery models of AVST’s UC solutions, provide a bridge to their digital future.
Alpha-Tec Systems is a global leader in Mycobacteriology, Bacteriology, Parasitology and Mycology clinical diagnostics. They develop and manufacture easy-to-use materials and reagents used by clinical laboratories for pre-analytical procedures — improving the reliability of results and ultimately decreasing the time needed to deliver proper patient care.
Molecular Dimensions is a leading supplier of modern screens, reagents, other consumables and instrumentation for structural biology. They offer an innovative range of products from the latest developments in structural biology research. Unique product offerings include protein stability screens, several crystal growth screens, a novel plate for in situ diffraction experiments and a new easy tear sealing sheet.

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