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Concise Separations is a researcher, developer, manufacturer and marketer of polymer based resins and high performance liquid chromatography (“HPLC”) columns. Its chromatography columns are used to detect, identify, monitor, and measure the chemical, physical, and biological composition of materials, as well as to purify a range of compounds and have applications across all types of basic research (academic and government), life sciences, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, consumer and industrial end markets. 
BMS designs and manufactures products for capturing and distributing live full motion video via wireless microwave communication. Their products include analog and digital transmitters, receivers, antennas and accessories. Among the benefits BMS offers is the ability to create private networks, as opposed to public ones like 3G, which means content is not only secure, but also is not prone to signal drop-out or call flooding during critical times.
Microlytic is a commercial provider of forward thinking laboratory devices and consumables for the structural biology marketplace. They provide a portfolio of innovative products for enhancing the effectiveness of structural biology laboratories by helping to solve the major problem in structural biology: crystal formation. Microlytic develops and provides technologies to enable scientists to screen fewer discrete crystallization conditions while increasing the probability of crystallization success.
NetPlus is a leading Telecom Infrastructure Management solutions provider for both commercial and government entities headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD. With over 30 years of experience NetPlus solutions are used worldwide to improve efficiency, streamline processes, and consolidate telecom and IT management. NetPlus solutions provide customers the ability to manage cross platform telecom infrastructure including UC, VoIP and legacy technologies, while controlling costs through telecom expense management (TEM) functions.
EdgeBio is an established research reagents and sequencing services company. Their products and services help simplify the complex task of discovery, and make it affordable and fun. In a high-pressure field with so many unknowns, Edge offers their customers both peace of mind and a competitive edge. 
Anatrace is seriously committed to developing and supplying the industry’s finest high-purity detergents and lipids – and equally committed to the high standards that make it possible. These standards have made Anatrace an internationally-recognized leader in manufacturing reagents for membrane protein studies and custom chemical synthesis.